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Experience the thrill of competition with our interactive leaderboard, turning referrals into an engaging and rewarding challenge.

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Earn a plethora of exciting incentives, ranging from monetary bonuses to exclusive vouchers, discount coupons, movie tickets, and even luxurious gift hampers!

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Industries we serve

Education is transforming the education sector by providing schools and universities with innovative tools to harness the power of staff and alumni networks for referrals, which significantly enhances their ability to recruit top educators and administrative professionals.

Industries we serve

Healthcare is revolutionizing the healthcare sector by optimizing recruitment strategies, enabling hospitals and clinics to efficiently source and hire skilled healthcare professionals through trusted employee referrals.

Industries we serve


The aviation sector has experienced a significant increase in employee referrals, with a notable 24% hike in total referrals. This surge indicates a growing reliance on existing employees’ networks to source new talent, enhancing recruitment efficiency and expanding the industry’s workforce with qualified professionals.


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  • Gift cards, raffles, and points
  • Leaderboards
  • Micro rewards for referrals, applications, and hires
  • Posters, flyers, and swag
  • Awards for social posts

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