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About Caliber Collision

With over 12,000 employees, Caliber now has over 600 locations distributed across the United States.

Founded in 1997, Caliber has quickly grown to become the nation’s largest collision repair company in America. Rapid growth has made recruiting a distributed workforce a real challenge. Retaining qualified technicians in today’s highly competitive employment market is particularly challenging.

Employee Referrals has helped Caliber flip the table on attrition by helping them recruit highly qualified technicians.

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The Challenges

Recruiters have had a difficult time recruiting for 600+ distributed service centers. They previously had a referral program, but didn’t have a good way to promote it. They also struggled to retain technicians due to a competitive job market.

  • Recruiting a distributed workforce
  • Promoting their referral program
  • Retaining technicians
  • Recruiting qualified technicians

The Solution


Caliber’s referral hires stay with them considerably longer than hires sourced by other methods.

A stronger employee referral program has helped Caliber reduce all the costs associated with recruiting, training, and on-boarding.

“Our referral hires are experiencing a lot lower turnover than our other hires. Some of our hard to fill positions have seen turnover as low as 3%”

– Kipp Birtwistle,
Director of Talent Acquisition


The services we provided to support Caliber Collision

24x7 Support
Dedicated Technician
Campaign Support
Graphic Design
Video Editing
System Integration
8 Hours SLA
User Training

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