Dominate the Game of Recruiting with Social Media Referrals

If talent acquisition was a chess match, social media referrals would undoubtedly be your queen – versatile, powerful, and capable of reaching every corner of the board. Imagine your hiring process harnessing the same exponential potential that allows a heartwarming video of an act of kindness to garner millions of likes overnight. We adore these touching videos as much as the next person, but what if the secret to supercharging your recruitment was right under your nose, nestled in your favorite social media apps? When you turn thousands of employees into brand ambassadors through the power of social media referrals you start to realize this potential.

Andrew Brown, the acclaimed business magnate, once noted, “In the digital age, your reach is only as limited as your ambition.” This wisdom holds remarkably true for recruitment. From LinkedIn to TikTok, social media platforms are flourishing arenas for companies to expand their reach and find exceptional hires. It’s no longer about merely posting a job ad; it’s about weaving a digital web of opportunities leading right to your company’s doorstep.

The Power of Referrals

Why, you might ask, do referral hires often outperform hires from other sources? The answer lies in the old adage: familiarity breeds success. Employees are more likely to refer individuals they know will align with the company culture and fulfill job expectations. Additionally, these new hires come with a built-in seal of approval, saving time and resources in the vetting process.

More Shares, More Hires: The Winning Equation

Let’s dive into the data and see some real numbers from companies that are encouraging their employees to share openings on social media.

  • Health care company with 19,000 referrals. 9% of those referrals came from social shares. 8.7% of the referral hires came from social shares.
  • Educational company with 4,200 referrals. 18.9% of those referrals came from social shares. 14.8% of the referral hires came from social shares.

Added Benefits of Social Sharing

Stepping up your social sharing game doesn’t just upgrade your recruitment process, it can also lead to broader brand exposure and enhanced awareness. When employees share job openings on their social media profiles, they are not only showcasing available roles, they’re promoting your company’s brand. Each share, like, and comment propels your brand into new networks, reaching the screens of potential customers and clients, as well as future employees. Their shares add a layer of authenticity to your company’s image, expanding its reach.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media with

The platform makes it refreshingly simple for employees to share job openings on social media. Our software creates unique sharing links, ensuring employees get due credit when a friend taps on their post to learn more about a job opening. It’s a harmonious blend of personal networking and technology that brings quality candidates right to your doorstep.

So, why not let your employees become your brand ambassadors, reaching corners of the talent pool that traditional methods might miss? By encouraging them to share job openings on their social media platforms, you’re essentially setting up your chessboard for a surefire checkmate in the game of talent acquisition. Are you ready to make your move?

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