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Enjoy our sophisticated system for tracking referral hires and bonus payments. This system is designed to handle various contingencies to ensure a smooth and transparent referral bonus process. Here are the key points:

Probationary Period Compliance

The system ensures that both the referring employee and the referral hire retain their employment during the typical 90-day probationary period.

Identification of Referral Hires

The system can automatically identify referral hires submitted through other applications, ensuring all referrals are accounted for.

Manual Entry of Referral Hires

Recruiters have the ability to manually enter referral hires into the system, accommodating instances where hires are made outside the standard referral process.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

It flags suspicious referral hires to maintain the integrity of the referral program.

Automatic Submission and Status Update

Payroll Reporting

When it comes time for payroll the system generates a report of all those who are eligible for a referral bonus streamlining the payment process.

Status Updates for Employees

Employees can follow the progress of their referrals and receive status updates at key points, enhancing transparency and reducing the need for administrative support from recruiters.

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This comprehensive approach to tracking hires and payments not only streamlines the referral bonus process but also builds confidence in the referral program by improving transparency and reducing administrative burdens.

Ensuring Compliance

The system monitors both the referring employee and the referral hire to ensure they remain employed during the probationary period, which is typically set at 90 days. This compliance check is crucial for the integrity of the referral program, as it ensures that bonuses are paid only for successful hires that contribute to the company.

Flexibility for Recruiters

Recruiters can manually add referral hires to the system, accommodating situations where hires occur through non-standard processes. This flexibility ensures that all deserving employees receive their referral bonuses, even if the referral doesn't follow the typical pathway.

Automated Identification

The platform can automatically recognize referral hires submitted through other applications, ensuring no referral goes unnoticed. This feature is particularly useful for large organizations where referrals might come through various channels.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

To maintain the program's integrity, the system includes mechanisms to flag and review suspicious referral activities. This safeguard helps prevent abuse of the referral program, ensuring that it remains a positive and productive component of the hiring process.

Seamless Payroll Processing

After the referral hire passes their probationary period, the system automatically forwards approved referrals to payroll. This automation reduces administrative workload and ensures timely payment of referral bonuses.

Transparency and Engagement

Employees can track the progress of their referrals through the system, receiving updates at key milestones. This transparency fosters trust in the referral program and encourages ongoing participation by making it easy for employees to see the status of their referrals.

Building Confidence

By providing a clear view of each referral's status and ensuring timely bonus payments, the system builds confidence among employees in the referral program. This confidence is key to maintaining high levels of participation and engagement.

Reducing Administrative Burden

The automated features and self-service capabilities for employees significantly reduce the administrative burden on HR and recruiting teams. This efficiency allows teams to focus on more strategic tasks rather than managing referral statuses and payments manually.

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