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Experience the thrill of competition with our interactive leaderboard, turning referrals into an engaging and rewarding challenge.
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Drive friendly competition with employee leader boards. There are dozens of configurations available including:

Localized leader boards, so employees are only competing with people they know

Rank by referrals, candidates, hires, etc...

Reset your leader boards every quarter so new employees aren't intimidated

Offer rewards for top performers


An employee leaderboard on can transform your referral program into a dynamic and integral part of your company’s culture. It not only enhances the recruitment process but also contributes to a more engaged, motivated, and collaborative workforce.

Boosts Engagement and Participation

An employee leaderboard introduces a competitive element to the referral process, encouraging more employees to participate. Seeing their names and contributions recognized publicly motivates employees to engage more actively with the referral program.

Recognizes and Rewards Top Performers

Leaderboards provide a transparent way to acknowledge and reward top performers in real-time. This recognition not only rewards employees for their efforts but also highlights their contributions to the wider company, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Enhances the Quality of Referrals

With the leaderboard tracking the success rate of referrals (not just the quantity), employees are incentivized to refer candidates who are a good fit for the company. This focus on quality over quantity leads to more successful hires and a more efficient recruitment process.

Encourages Continuous Improvement

By displaying performance metrics, leaderboards encourage employees to continuously improve their referral efforts. This ongoing engagement can lead to the discovery of high-quality candidates and innovative referral strategies.

Fosters a Culture of Teamwork

While the leaderboard introduces a competitive element, it also fosters a sense of teamwork and collective achievement. Employees can see how their contributions fit into the company's broader goals, encouraging a collaborative environment.

Provides Valuable Data Insights

Leaderboards offer insights into the effectiveness of your referral program, allowing you to identify trends, reward effective referral strategies, and adjust your program based on real data. This can help in fine-tuning the referral process for even better results.

Increases Program Visibility

The presence of a leaderboard increases the visibility of the referral program within the company. Regular updates and announcements related to the leaderboard keep the program top of mind for employees, ensuring ongoing engagement.

Cost-Effective Recruitment

By maximizing the potential of your employee referral program through a leaderboard, you can reduce reliance on external recruitment agencies and advertising, leading to significant cost savings.

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