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We offer a variety of services at no cost, ensuring you receive valuable support without any financial burden.
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Integration Services

Our dedicated team based in Europe will handle the integration with your HR systems. This integration will enable your organization to save time on reposting positions. Our system will retrieve data from your career portal in real time and display it on the referral portal.

ATS Integration

Our ATS integration seamlessly pulls in open jobs and efficiently pushes candidates.

Payroll Integration

Our Payroll integration sends referral bonus payments to payroll at the appropriate time.

HRIS integration

Our HRIS integration pulls in your employee data, enabling automated engagement based on location, title and more.


The Customer Success Manager will gather updates from the team and keep you informed about the progress.

Campaign Services

We believe that every campaign deserves to succeed, and we are prepared to offer services to ensure that success.


We provide assistance through a multilingual AI bot, offering support in various languages to cater to a global audience.

24x5 Human Assistance

We provide 24×5 human assistance, ensuring personalized support whenever you need it, Monday through Friday.


We provide Campaign Assistance, helping clients launch campaigns with beautifully designed email templates.

Portal Customization

We offer Portal Customization, assisting clients in tailoring the portal to match their brand guidelines, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with their career website.

Graphics Design

We offer graphic design services, assisting clients in creating banners and posters for offline campaign promotions.

Video Design

We provide video design services, helping clients create videos on various topics such as candidate testimonials, leadership insights, and job details.

User Happiness Guaranteed

We understand that using new applications can be challenging initially, and we are committed to simplifying this process through various services.

Multilingual AI Bot

We provide assistance through a multilingual AI bot, offering support in various languages to cater to a global audience.

Service Level Agreement

We provide SLAs for technical support tailored to the number of employees in the organization, the number of users accessing our platform, and the average number of vacancies available for referral on our portal.

Dedicated Technician

We deploy a dedicated technician who assists you in overcoming technical challenges.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Regardless of your location worldwide, we assign a Dedicated Customer Success Manager to address any challenges you may encounter with our portal or services.

Centralized Billing

No matter your location in the world, we provide a centralized account to meet all your payment needs.

User Training

We assume full responsibility for educating your employees about our product and its features, offering both online and in-person classroom sessions.

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