ATS Integration

Let's understand ATS and how it provides benefits to both, ERC and the client.
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What is ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrated with has significantly enhanced the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective. Here’s an overview of the benefits realized from this integration:


Our integration with your HR systems makes running your referral program simple.


Our ATS integration pulls in open jobs and pushes candidates, streamlining the hiring process.


Our HRIS integration pulls in your data for automated engagement based on location and title.


Our Payroll integration sends referral bonus payments to payroll at the appropriate time

What are the other benefits?

Streamlined Recruitment Process

The integration of an ATS with has automated and organized the hiring workflow. From posting job openings to tracking applications, this synergy has streamlined the entire recruitment process, ensuring easy access and management of candidate information.

Improved Candidate Experience

Candidates referred through have been experiencing a smoother application process. The ATS provides automated updates and feedback, keeping candidates informed and engaged, thereby enhancing their experience and perception of the company.

Enhanced Employee Referral Tracking

With's capability to manage and track employee referrals now integrated into the ATS, referrals are automatically incorporated into the hiring pipeline. This integration ensures that referred candidates are easily identifiable and their progress through recruitment stages is efficiently tracked.

Decision Making

The integration has enabled more informed decision-making by combining ATS data with insights from Recruiters have been analyzing sources of the best candidates, the effectiveness of the referral program, and overall hiring metrics to optimize recruitment strategies.

Better Quality Hires

The integration has underscored the value of employee referrals as a source of high-quality candidates. It ensures that these candidates are prioritized in the hiring process, enhancing the contribution of the referral program to the talent acquisition strategy.


As the organization has grown, the integrated system has scaled accordingly, handling increased volumes of applications and referrals without compromising efficiency or candidate experience.

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The integration of an ATS with has transformed the recruitment process of organizations. It has harnessed the power of employee networks for referrals while maintaining the organization and efficiency of an ATS, leading to a more effective and streamlined hiring process.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The integration has enabled more sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities. Organizations can now delve deeper into metrics such as referral conversion rates, time-to-hire for referred candidates, and the overall effectiveness of the referral program. These insights are crucial for continuously refining recruitment strategies.

Enhanced Communication Channels

The combined system has improved communication channels between recruiters, employees, and candidates. Employees can easily track the status of their referrals, and recruiters can provide timely feedback, fostering a culture of transparency and recognition in the referral process.

Automated Referral Incentive Management:

Managing referral incentives has become more streamlined. The integrated system automatically tracks successful referrals and can be set up to trigger incentive payouts, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring timely recognition of employees’ contributions.

Customizable Referral Campaigns

Organizations have been leveraging the integration to create customizable referral campaigns. They can tailor campaigns to target specific roles, departments, or even timeframes, making the referral program more dynamic and responsive to the company’s immediate hiring needs.

Improved Diversity Hiring

The integration has also been instrumental in advancing diversity hiring initiatives. By analyzing referral trends and demographics, companies can identify gaps in diversity and adjust their referral strategies accordingly, promoting a more inclusive recruitment approach.

Seamless Onboarding Integration

The journey from candidate to employee is smoother with the ATS and integration. Once a candidate is hired, their information flows seamlessly into onboarding processes, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience from application to onboarding.

Enhanced Employer Branding

The integration has provided a platform for stronger employer branding. Happy employees who engage in the referral program become brand ambassadors. Their positive experiences, shared within their networks, enhance the company's reputation, attracting more high-quality candidates.

Real-Time Feedback for Continuous Improvement

The integrated system allows for real-time feedback from both candidates and employees. This feedback is invaluable for making immediate improvements and long-term strategic adjustments to the referral and recruitment processes.

Scalable to Global Operations

For organizations with a global presence, this integration has proven to be exceptionally beneficial. It supports multiple languages and complies with various regional employment laws and regulations, making it an effective tool for global talent acquisition.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

With sensitive candidate data involved, the integrated system ensures enhanced data security and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR. This is crucial in maintaining candidate trust and safeguarding the company’s reputation.

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