Privacy Policy

Updated: February 25, 2019

Referral candidates are invited by a friend or associate to consider applying for a specific position at the friend’s employer. EmployeeReferrals contracts with the employer to provide the platform used to facilitate this referral process. The table below identifies the data we collect from our client company, its employee, the referral candidate and the job applicant.

We collect only the minimum information needed, share it only with those directly involved in the referral process and purge the information when it is no longer needed. Of course, we will also remove data immediately upon request.

The data we collect and process is owned by our client, the employer.

Data Collection and Usage

Data SourceData ElementsSource and UsageGDPR Basis - Reason for Using the DataRetention
Client Company

Contact Name

Contact Phone

Contact Email

This information is provided by the client and is used by EmployeeReferrals to fulfill our contract with the client.Contract – The processing is necessary to fulfill the contract we have in place with the client.Contract Term
Client Company or its Employee

Employee Name




Employee ID




Site Usage

IP address

This information is provided by the client or its employee and is used to present relevant referral opportunities to the employee, to track referrals made by the employee, to compensate the employee for referrals, to present internal mobility opportunities to the employee, and is used in aggregate, anonymous form in company monitoring of its referral program.Legitimate Interest – Providing this information is in the employee’s interest to provide job opportunities to their acquaintances and to earn rewards for referring their friends who are hired. Providing this information is in the client company’s interest in filling vacancies.Contract Term
Referral Candidate



This information is provided by the referring employee and is used in an email from the referring employee to the referral candidate inviting them to consider a particular position at the employer.Legitimate Interest – It is in the interest of the referral candidate to receive information on job openings from a person they know at the company.6 months
Job Applicant




This information is provided by the Job Applicant and is used by the potential employer in considering their application.Legitimate Interest – It is in the interest of a job applicant to provide contact and resume information in connection with the job application.12 months

Information from Cookies, Emails and Links

We collect information via cookies on browser type, operating system, IP address, usage dates and times. We also collect information about email and link openings.

Information from Social Sites

If the Employee chooses to link our service with their social media account (e.g., Facebook or LinkedIn) then we may pull information from that account which will help the employee identify which of their acquaintances may fit particular job openings. This may include information on the acquaintance’s education, employment history and qualifications.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

If the employer uses a third-party rewards provider, we supply information to that provider necessary for them to process referral bonus rewards to employees. We pass personal and other information to our hosting service, presently Amazon Web Services. We will disclose personal information in response to court order or other legal process. If we were to merge or be acquired by another entity the collection and processing functions we perform would be transferred to them. We contract with third parties to provide application development services and in this role they may have access to personal information. In the above transfers we supply only the minimum necessary information and the third parties we work with operate under privacy policies similar to this one.

Transfer to Other Countries

We may transfer your data from the country where it was collected to a country with different data protection regulations. In doing so we will protect the data according to this privacy policy and under EU model clauses signed with our Client the Employer.


We and our sub processors use industry standard security measures to protect information from unauthorized access.

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