Recently acquired client

Our client, a renowned entity in the Telecommunications and Entertainment industry, recently reached out to us to address challenges in their hiring process, particularly in securing the right candidates. Our Customer Success Manager, Rebecca Roberts, and Director, Brady Banks, thoroughly understood the issues at hand and proposed a solution encompassing multiple services. The client is highly confident that EmployeeReferrals will not only help them overcome these challenges but also aid in upholding their brand’s reputation in the market.


The client aims to foster a healthy work environment by hiring new joiners through the existing employees’ networks. They believe this approach will lead to longer tenure and higher retention rates, ultimately strengthening the team. The client has long-term plans for employees who remain with the company, trusting that extended tenure will ensure honesty and integrity.

Referral Bonus

The client has allocated a dedicated referral bonus fund to incentivize their current employees for participating in the referral hiring process. This strategic move is designed to encourage the workforce to tap into their personal and professional networks to identify potential candidates who can contribute positively to the company’s growth and culture.

The referral bonus is not just a token of appreciation but a tangible acknowledgment of the crucial role employees play in enriching the talent pool. By offering this financial incentive, the client aims to boost the referral program’s effectiveness, ensuring that it not only attracts high-caliber candidates but also fosters a culture of collaboration and shared success within the organization.

Distinguished Services Offered to Client


Stay tuned to hear updates from our client.