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Caliber Collision stands as the largest collision repair company in America, with a robust network of over 1,200 centers nationwide. Employing more than 20,000 dedicated professionals, Caliber Collision is committed to restoring the rhythm of customers’ lives by providing exceptional service and quality repairs. Despite its impressive growth and industry leadership, Caliber Collision faced significant challenges in talent acquisition, employee retention, and maintaining a high level of service quality across all its locations.

The Challenge

As Caliber Collision continued to expand, the company encountered several obstacles that threatened to impede its progress:

  1. Talent Acquisition: Finding skilled technicians and customer service representatives who align with the company’s high standards and culture was becoming increasingly difficult.

  2. Employee Retention: The competitive nature of the industry led to higher turnover rates, particularly among skilled technicians.

  3. Consistency in Service Quality: Ensuring consistent service quality across hundreds of locations was a challenge, given the variations in local talent pools.

  4. Engagement and Culture: Maintaining a strong company culture and high levels of employee engagement across all centers was crucial to Caliber Collision’s customer-first approach.

The Solution:

Streamlined Talent Acquisition offered an intuitive platform that made it easy for Caliber Collision’s employees to refer candidates, simplifying the talent acquisition process. By leveraging the networks of existing employees, the company could tap into a wider pool of qualified candidates.

Enhanced Employee Retention

The referral program incentivized not only the act of referring candidates but also the retention of those hires. Employees felt more invested in the company’s success and more connected to their referred colleagues, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Improved Service Quality

Referred employees often had a better understanding of the company’s culture and expectations before joining, thanks to insights from existing employees. This pre-boarding alignment helped maintain high service quality standards across all locations.

Boosted Engagement and Culture

The referral program created a culture of recognition and reward, enhancing employee engagement. Employees felt valued and recognized for their contributions to the company’s growth, reinforcing a positive workplace culture.

The Outcome


Caliber Collision’s partnership with revolutionized its approach to recruitment and employee retention. By harnessing the power of its own employees’ networks, Caliber Collision not only overcame its talent acquisition and retention challenges but also reinforced its commitment to maintaining a strong company culture and high levels of service quality. This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of employee referral programs in addressing complex HR challenges in fast-growing, service-oriented businesses.