The Sophisticated Employee Referral Solution

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your top talent refer their top friends

Centralized referral suite

Your referral portal is a hub where your employees come to refer friends, share jobs, participate in hiring campaigns and receive support.

Referring is easy (and mobile)

  • Endorse a friend
  • Send an email or text
  • Get updates on their progress
  • Search your LinkedIn connections
  • Share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Setup Auto Share
  • Participate in special campaigns
  • And more...
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brand-matched employee portal

Your Branding

Employees and candidates feel right at home on your branded referral portal. Trust and corporate image are maintained throughout the entire experience.

  • Your logo
  • Your colors
  • Multi-brand support
  • Your videos
  • Your photos
  • Dozens of additional customizations

Custom URL

Your program's URL can be anything you like. An easy-to-remember URL helps boost traffic to your portal and is essential for mobile referrals.

example custom urls
example non-white labeled email

The only white labeled platform is the only provider who's name add credibility to your referral experience. Instead of detracting from it. You'll never have to explain who we are and what our service does to your employees or candidates.

Recommendation Engine

It helps employees find the referral opportunities that are right for them. Our job recommendation engine matches employee and candidates with jobs based on:

  • Geo-located address
  • Title
  • Address
  • Job Address
  • Skill description
  • And more...
job recommendations based on location, title, and skills
example searching linkedin for someone to refer

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn's advanced search tool identifies which connections may be a good fit. The app can help pre-fill LinkedIn search parameters with a given job's location, title and keywords.

It is really helpful. About 20% of referrals are sourced this way.

Engagement Engine

Engage your workforce with custom emails highlighting your new positions, open campaigns, and more.

  • Get week to week comparisons of open and click rates
  • Send a new email each time
  • Schedule them up to a year in advance
  • Include leaderboards, active campaigns, status updates and more
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example engagement email

Candidate Engagement

Our candidate introductions are the best in the business, with an 80% open and 45% click through rate. This phenomenal response delivers top candidates right to the top of your talent funnel.

Brand Ambassadors

  • Build an army of brand ambassadors, incentivized by rewards and referral bonuses.
  • The social media posts of your employees carry the weight of their personal endorsement and reach people who are not following your brand.
  • The social media posts of your employees help build your employment brand even when they do not result in candidates
example social media posts
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Internal Mobility

Providing your employees with a pathway for internal mobility is essential to retaining talent. Enterprises often struggle with bringing the right positions to right employee's attention.


  • Engage your employees with prizes, raffles, games and more
  • Leader boards drive friendly competition
  • Tiered rewards offer larger prizes for more participation
  • Drag-and-drop email editor with dozens of templates makes launching your campaign a snap
  • Analytics help you assess the value of your efforts
example campaigns
example auto share posts

Auto Share

Employees can opt-in to automatically share jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter on the schedule they choose

  • Set it and forget it
  • Ongoing social posts building your employment brand
  • Posts are created by your employees, not your company's brand. Employee posts are more credible and reach a wider audience than your brand's posts

Training Videos

Our training videos teach employees how to refer friends, setup auto share, search LinkedIn for people to refer, and more

Videos are embedded at key points in the platform so your employees always know what to do

training video on laptop
intro video on laptop

Candidate Intro Video

Tell your candidates what it is like to work at your company with an introductory video on your candidate portal

Leader boards

Drive friendly competition with employee leader boards. There are dozens of configurations available including:

  • Localized leader boards, so employees are only competing with people they know
  • Rank by referrals, candidates, hires, etc...
  • Reset your leader boards every quarter so new employees aren't intimidated
  • Offer rewards for top performers
leader board


Our mobile site is miles ahead of the competition, and it is the only mobile referral portal that supports the full functionality of the desktop site.

Our animation-based navigation provides context so employees and candidates always know where they are at.

  • Campaigns
  • Auto Share
  • Job Recommendation AI
  • Introduction Video
  • Previous referrals
  • Tutorials
  • Texting
  • And more...
site on mobile phone
text message feature


Texts are the best way to get a candidate's attention. Your employees can send texts right from the mobile site.

  • Phenomenal response rate
  • Easy to send
  • Built into the mobile referral site
analytics screens

Actionable Analytics

Run a data driven referral program with our actionable analytics. Ensure employees, candidates, recruiters are engaged. here are a few highlights:

  • Referrals, applicants, hire data displayed over time, across departments and across regions
  • Visitor data broken down by location, device type, and more
  • Referral funnel showing candidate and hire conversion rates
  • Recruiter analytics showing which recruiters are actively contacting their referrals
  • Data broken down by Regions, Departments, Divisions, Sectors, Industries, Districts, and more
  • Email open and click through rates


  • Languages
  • Support for multiple languages in a single email campaign
  • Currencies
  • GDPR compliant. We collect only the minimum information needed, share it only with those diretly involved in the referral process and purge the information when it is no longer needed. Of course, we will also remove data immediately upon request.
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enterprise settings screens

Built for the Enterprise

  • Organize your employees, candidates, and recruiters by Brand, Region, Department, Division, Sector, and more
  • Custom reports, scheduled for automated delivery
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Translated into dozens of languages
  • GDPR compliant
  • Support for region locked job portals
  • Dedicated enterprise account executive


Get unprecedented access to your referral data with our highly customizable reporting tool. Our dynamic filtering and sorting options help you zero in on the data your need.

You can view, sort, or filter on any of the data fields in our system. Here are a few examples:

  • View your referrals, grouped by month and sorted by req owner
  • See how many referrals your recruiters have contacted each month
  • Compare referral, employee, and candidate statistics across brands, divisions, departments, and more
reports on tablet
abstract integration graphic


Our integration with your HR systems makes running your referral program simple.

  • Our ATS integration pulls in open jobs and pushes candidates
  • Our HRIS integration pulls in your employee data, enabling automated engagement based on location, title and more
  • Our Payroll integration sends referral bonus payments to payroll at the appropriate time

Recruiter empowerment

Your recruiters can contact candidates and employees right from inside our platform.

Our platform provides recruiters with everything they need to work their referrals, including endorsements, resumes, and previous contact attempts.

recruiter screen on desktop
hires tracking on laptop

Tracking Hires & Payments

Tracking referral hires and bonus payments is tricky. Our system helps you tackle the following contingencies:

  • Ensure both the referring employee and referral hire retain their employment during the probationary period, typically 90 days
  • Allow recruiters to manually enter referral hires after they've been made (it happens)
  • Automatically identify referral hires submitted through other applications
  • Flag suspicious referral hires
  • Automatically submit approved referrals to payroll after their probationary period.

Keep employees in the loop

Employees can follow the progress of their referrals and get status updates at key points.

  • Build confidence in your program by improving transparency
  • Cut down on admin time by enabling employees to check the status of their own referrals without the help of your recruiters
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