Client Case Studies

Reduced turnover by 60% at the nation’s largest collision repair company.

“Since we’ve started using we’ve found our referred employees tenure is 24 months, which is double the amount of time a non-referral stays.” - Laura Bevier, Recruiting Manager, Learning Care Group

As the second largest residential security provider in the United States, DEFENDERS has doubled referral hires and reduced time to hire to just 13 days.

LGS uses to find scientists and engineers in Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, as well as locations overseas.

We saw our referral volume increase 30x and our first employee referral hire came just 20 days after launching the new employee referral portal.

I couldn’t be happier with They’ve helped us boost referral hires from 11% to 20.36% of our total hires.

200% increase in referral volume. 60% increase in referral hires.

For every 100 participating employees, 27 referrals are generated every month. 117 employees have configured auto job sharing

Employees from 13 cities participate in the program, making an average of 84 referrals/month.

87% of employees participate. They've made 1120 referrals so far, which have resulted in 227 applicants and 78 hires to date.

Employees share 622 jobs from 60 cities nationwide resulting in 2,657 daily impressions on social media.

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